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u-BACCH Audio Plug-In

u-BACCH Audio Plug-In

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u (Universal) BACCH allows any user with symmetrical stereo speakers to enjoy incredible spatial audio with a quick setup.

[This is a VST3 and AU Plug-In, not standalone software, and must be used with a plug-in Host (DAW, Media Player, etc).]

u-BACCH Info and FAQ

15% Off with EARLYBACCH15. Purchase includes license for 3 devices (Mac/Windows). Try it free for 14 days simply by downloading the correct installer below:

Download for Mac OS (ARM M1/M2)

Download for Mac OS (Intel)

Download For Windows


NOTE: Roon, Sonos, and other closed system streaming applications do NOT support VST or AU plugins.

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u-BACCH How-To Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I really love the idea of crosstalk cancellation and I really see the potential!

But I’m waiting month’s now for a fix for Audirvana UPnP..

Howard Kaye
Ubacch Plug-in is transformative

Listening with the Ubacch plug-in has had a transformative effect on my system. Without it, music sounds two dimensional; with it; music sounds three dimensional, with performers arrayed in a realistic performance space.
I began using the plug in with both JRiver 31 and Audirvana streaming to my Bricasti M3 dac over Upnp/DLNA, but the filter did not seem to work properly in this kind of setup (pink noise could not be generated and the slider seemed to have no effect on the sound). Switching to a direct connection to the dac with USB solved the problem. I could not adjust the filter to produce an image wider than the speaker's location but the improvements in soundstage width and the sizing of instruments is dramatic.
For me, the investment in the Ubacch filter is well worth it.

Interesting result without any measurement

This plugin is doing a very good job and the result on the sound stage is amazing with many relief and precision.
The result is very interesting without any measurement.
I’m mainly using it on my only stereo home video configuration because the sound is more immersive and impressive and U-BACCH VST3 plugin has a very low latency used in JRiver Media Center DSP Studio on Windows 11.
For my audiophile system I’m using a more elaborate solution based on measurements at the price of more latency.

Geoffrey Armstrong
uBACCH delivers

With just a pair of Stereo speakers, on regular stereo recordings, uBACCH will, typically create a much wider soundstage with greater three dimensionality to instruments. Sounds will sometimes reach close to your ears, or seem to wrap around you.

This is all achieved without any alteration to the timbre of instruments or compression of dynamics, just as claimed.

For a truly mind blowing experience try some Binaural recordings.

I recommend Edgar Froese’s Aqua and Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxymore (the Binaural edition on Qobuz).

Neal Hennessy
Glad I got it

I just bought this at $399, and I'm not at all sorry. Been listening to it for the past hour, it's currently playing the sountrack for Oppenheimer, and I have to say it really does seem to do something. As nearly as I can tell, more than anything, it seems to create a complete soundspace. It seems like playing this piece, for example, it's far less like my system is throwing images out into my room where I can marvel about how a violin is coming out of the doorknob on the closet, and more like there is this concert hall that's been plopped down into my room and I'm listening into the sonic diorama, if that makes any sense. It just seems like the combination of this, my little LS 50 Metas plus subs, and Dirac DLBC are rendering a very convincing impersonation of an extremely well done professionally designed sytem in a well treated space.

I listen in the near field so YMMV, but I see no reason to ever turn this off whenever I'm listening to my system as two channel stereo. Maybe I'll hear some flaws as I continue, but for now, it seems like it's doing something very positive.

Hope more people can get in on this. I think it merits at least an audition. I know I was extremely skeptical that it was just creating a sound effect, but after listening to it, it seems like anything but. Also it's very easy to adjust. It's just a question of eyeballing your appoximate distance, figuring out what the angle is with the apex of the triangle (your seat), and then doing some fiddling until you can get it to sound optimum. For me, that took around 20 seconds. I guess some people who want to use 24/192 had problems. Me, I just use 24/48 on windows setting, make JRiver my default, put uBacch as a plugin to Jriver, and then send the whole thing to a standalone Dirac processor with a 2+2 DLBC correction program, before sending four discreet channels to my Octo.

It reallly sounds good, IMHO, but what do I know.